"Education is the gift that can never be taken away."

From 90’s to Now, ASF Alum Mentors Students Just Like Her

Marisela entered Advancing Students Forward in 1998 as an eager middle schooler. She graduated from university in 2009 and  is now an accountant in the produce industry in Tijuana, Mexico. 

Marisela remains connected to ASF past graduation and employment. She maintains the ASF alumni network and  is committed to mentoring younger generations of students. We interviewed Marisela to ask about her commitment to supporting youth just like her. 

What is your role in Advancing Students Forward?

“I assist with ideas and contributions from my experience, giving students the perspective of how to handle the various situations that can arise for a student in the Tijuana area, I also coordinate support to the group of ASF alumni and request their support during the year in the various activities that are carried out in the union of ASF. And in general I try to be available to ASF in any area where I can be of help.”

What is your occupation?

“I am an accountant for a company in the commercial fruit and vegetable industry, and I also work independently as an accountant with my own clients in the various tax transactions that exist in Mexico.”


Marisela makes announcements at a monthly ASF meeting with students. September 2018.

Why do you continue participating in Advancing Students Forward?

“I feel I belong to the scholarship group and I try to give back a little of the great help that ASF gave me during my time as a  student. ASF is part of my family.” 

What do you enjoy most about participating in ASF as an alumna?

“The opportunity to indirectly help students with their own experience, as well as having the opportunity to meet such talented students who, thanks to the help of ASF, can achieve their full potential.”

What do you think ASF students need most?

“I think they need to know and feel that someone believes in them and that although the educational path with limited resources is difficult, they have the capacity to be what they set out to be, they are their own limit.”

From your perspective as an alumna, what advice or wisdom would you offer the younger students about their educational journeys?

“In general, I would say that students should make the most of this stage and the help that ASF gives them to continue studying, as well as taking all of the educational and professional opportunities that are presented to them and not feeling that it is too much for them. Now is when they must have more energy and hunger for knowledge.

I would say to university students that they work from their 1st semester to the greatest extent in positions that have to do with their career, experience is highly valued in the professional field and if they start acquiring it when they are students, when they graduate they will have a competitive advantage to  apply for a job or can even end up being entrepreneurs and starting their own business.”