Jenn DePoy, board member and long time ASF volunteer, celebrated Posada in Tijuana by collecting over 70 backpacks filled with school supplies utilizing her own network of friends, colleagues and family. Jenn is a gift to our organization and we appreciate her efforts making a lasting impact on the ASF students!

Welcome new ASF students 2017!

All 11 new students are beginning middle schoolers in 7th grade.  Each year prospective new students and their parents attend an informational meeting where they complete a questionnaire , are interviewed and are then subject to a home study. The parameters,
expectations and obligations of the program are explained at this time.  Students are then selected based on economic need, academic records and special circumstances.

They are excited, shy and curious about what the new year holds in store for them.


Mathigami Rocks!

Mathigami curriculum under the direction of Dr. Perla Myers and volunteers from the University of San Diego, was showcased at the ASF meeting in May. Student team projects were created using a combination of Mathigami, traditional origami folds, the engineering design process and a boatload of creativity and imagination! The scenes depicted both traditional fables and original stories that entertained us all!


ASF students are preparing for careers of the futuIMG_0826 (1)re through their participation in a research study applying creative math practices and attitudes through origami projects called Mathigami. This study is being conducted by Dr. Perla Myers, PhD Professor and Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences at USD and continues the unique partnership between ASF and USD using STEAM curriculum to expose ASF students to technical career paths and opportunities.

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ASF students Participate in WorldLink

ASF students participated in WorldLink’s 20th Annual Youth Town Meeting where over 700 High School students gathered to discuss issues including Gender, Leadership, and Peace and Security. WorldLink promotes the “connection of youth to global affairs” and ASF students were challenged to look at root causes of social issues and find ways to create meaningful change as the next generation of global citizens.

More information on WorldLink:
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Giving Thanks.

Sending Thanksgiving greetings in appreciation for everyone who helps ASF support our students. Advancing Students Forward is especially thankful for our dedicated volunteers from the University of San Diego!  We couldn’t do it without you!img_6751

STEAM reaches fuII steam!

img_4848-article-photo-2A cross cuIturaI partnership between USD Engineering Department and USD AIumni img_4839-870-article-1Monica Santos enriches the students of ASF through a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curricuIum.  The program introduces students to engineering design processes and engages them in coIIaborative probIem soIving activities.  Assistant Professor of IndustriaI and Systems Engineering Odesma DaIrympIe says “I feel a great sense of awe to see what they produce, in what they can achieve with such limited resources and training. There is so much more that could be done if only they had access to such resources”.