Giving Thanks.

Sending Thanksgiving greetings in appreciation for everyone who helps ASF support our students. Advancing Students Forward is especially thankful for our dedicated volunteers from the University of San Diego!  We couldn’t do it without you!img_6751

STEAM reaches fuII steam!

img_4848-article-photo-2A cross cuIturaI partnership between USD Engineering Department and USD AIumni img_4839-870-article-1Monica Santos enriches the students of ASF through a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curricuIum.  The program introduces students to engineering design processes and engages them in coIIaborative probIem soIving activities.  Assistant Professor of IndustriaI and Systems Engineering Odesma DaIrympIe says “I feel a great sense of awe to see what they produce, in what they can achieve with such limited resources and training. There is so much more that could be done if only they had access to such resources”.

ASF partners with University of San Diego Professor to transform trash into chain reaction machines

Professor Odesma Dalrymple, Ph.D. (USD Engineering Department) and Executive Director of ASF, Monica Santos collected supplies from Trash for Teaching ( and reInterpret ( for the STEAM curriculum in place for the students of ASF this year.  Using a variety of discarded manufacturing materials, ASF students created Chain Reaction machines that challenged them to think like an engineer to solve real world, systems probIems.  It is amazing to watch the students use these “throw away” items and transform them into treasures of innovation!

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Boxel Animation Inspires ASF students

IMG_4278 (1)

Brothers Andres and Uriel Reyes Botello are natives of Tijuana, Mexico and co-founders of Boxel Animation, a 3D CGI studio based in their home town. They spent a day in January with the students of ASF sharing the motivation and inspiration that propelled them to start their own animation company. They encouraged the students to follow their dreams and work hard. They advised them to be proactive, positive initiators of change for themselves and for their own community. So heartwarming to hear the mission of ASF resonate with these young entrepreneurs. Bravo Boxel! Thank you for leading the way and supporting the youth of Tijuana.

ASF Launches New Year with Participation in Global Youth Empowerment Conference

IMG_0173 ASF launched the new year with seven students attending World Link’s 19th annual Youth Town Meeting held at the University of San Diego. The conference brings together “high school students from San Diego, Baja Mexico and around the world to consider global concerns from a local perspective”.

The event promotes the goals of ASF to encourage cross cultural exchanges between students in the San Diego/Tijuana region. Students learn about world affairs and have the opportunity to consider global citizenship and explore means of responsible local participation. The ASF students came back from the event energized and empowered.

Lani said, “I learned that it is really importanIMG_0181t for youth to be involved in their community and the world around them. Youth can contribute to a successful future”.

This year’s theme “Youth Influence on the World” For Better for Worse” addressed Social, Economic, Environmental, Policy and Technology issues facing youth globally.

ASF student Katie observed,  “social media can be used to bring up important issues in a positive and reinforcing way such as sending messages of support to activists around the world”.


Over 800 students participated this year. This is ASF’s 3rd year participating.…/institutes/ipj/programs/worldlink/

When You Give Cheerfully and Accept Gratefully, Everyone is Blessed. Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to You and your loved ones from the students and staff of ASF!  Spread the happiness and hope of the season and please consider making an end of the year tax-deductible contribution. Your donation will ensure that our students continue to benefit from the support and guidance ASF provides.


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Thank you and best wishes in 2016.