PatriciaCeniceros (2)Patricia graduated from university and currently works in office administration.





JorgeYepez (3)

Jorge graduated from University.  “ASF helped me become a person with social values.  Most importantly, with ASF’s help,  I got to live out one of my most important goals in life, to graduate from University”.



Greta GretaPazgraduated from high school at the top of her class with a perfect GPA in 2014, the first in her family to do so.  “I thank ASF for all the support I have received since I began middle school. ASF gave me the impulse to complete my studies and follow my dreams.



Marisela graMaricela (2)duated with a degree in accounting. She now works as an accountant and office administrator.  “Knowing that I belonged to a group that believed in my ability to succeed academically gave me security and the drive to continue until I achieved my goal. You helped not only my academic life, but also my future and allowed me to build a better life for myself”.


Yareli (2)

Yareli graduated in 2013 with a certificate in child development.  She is working as a teacher in a child care center.




PrisPriscillacilla graduated with a degree in Translation and Interpretation. She is working as an English teacher at a private high school in Tijuana. She aspires to find work in advertising or publishing.



Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos graduated as an Electronics Engineer. He is working at a design company as a production technician. He plans to continue to advance professionally and obtain his master’s degree.



Pic2Guadalupe graduated with a Communications degree. She is looking for work in public relations or human resources. Her long-term goal is to create her own publicity agency.




Rosalinda participated in ASF for six years. She graduated from Preparatorio (High School) in June 2007 with an emphasis in accounting.



success_2Adelina has participated for six years. She graduated from Preparatorio in June 2008.



success_3Maricela was the first participant of ASF to graduate from the University. She majored in accounting. She has a successful job as an accountant and has since completed her Master’s Degree as well.



success_4Jesus participated in ASF from seventh grade until he graduated as a doctor from the Autonomous University.