The students themselves are a tribute to what ASF has accomplished.Each year more than 90% of ASF participants complete the school year and more than 80% return for another year of study. Each year more and more students extend their studies. In 2001 our first participant completed college as an accountant. Maricela has since begun studies for her master’s degree. ASF celebrated our second college graduate in 2006 when Jesus graduated with a degree in medicine. in 2015, we celebrate 20 University graduates (to date).

ASF students are frequently recognized with diplomas for ranking first in their class. They have won speech contests, athletic competitions and science fairs at the city and state level. Most importantly they exhibit a desire to learn and to better themselves. They are appreciative of the assistance they receive and respond to the challenges they face and the requirements ASF expects of them with 100% effort and commitment. They are proud to participate in ASF and ASF is proud to be there for them.