What We Do

Students We Serve

ASF serves students who live in and around the border city of Tijuana, Mexico. It gives priority to students from Hogar Infantil “La Gloria” and also extends assistance to students in the local community. All applicants must have good grades and go through an application process that includes an orientation and interview. Once they are accepted into the program they must continue to be responsible students, participate in monthly meetings, document their school progress and expenses and give volunteer service hours.


Our ASF participants are engaged in activities that are designed to help the students develop their skills and talents, form a sense of community with one another and grow in strength and confidence. These meetings are held at the Centro de Comunidad “El Tecolote” community center. The community center provides a meeting space for the students with access to kitchen facilities and a computer lab. The students are divided into teams and the university students who act as team leaders facilitate the teams. The university students form the Student Advisory Board and they are responsible for mentoring their teammates as well as assisting with administrative aspects of each meeting.

ASF also provides opportunities for the students to participate in community service activities in collaboration with the Centro de Comunidad “El Tecolote”. Work-study programs are also available for the students to earn more money towards their school expenses. Most recently students have worked and volunteered as tutors in the homework club, taught computer skills, helped set up the community library and staffed the Centro’s summer camp.