"Education is the gift that can never be taken away."

Alejandro Garcia

Manager of Operations

Originally from Oxnard, California, Alejandro has been fighting for Social Justice his entire life. As the son of a farmworker, his earliest memories consist of being hoisted on his father’s shoulders as his family marched and chanted during protests for farmworker rights. That call for justice began at a young age and has never ceased.

Alejandro has always worked off the belief that learning is a lifelong process, only truly done at your own pace. He looks to listen and learn from others, regardless of age and experience. Alejandro joins us with considerable professional experience in the fields of Housing, Leadership Development and Parent Engagement.

In his free time, he enjoys photography, discovering new music, reading and participating in all things sports. He also loves being a father to his young daughter, Emma.

Alejandro holds a BS in Management Consulting from the University of Notre Dame.