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ASF Kicks off new academic year

The beginning of the new school year is always an exciting one for all those involved in ASF.  It is a time for alumni to celebrate their accomplishments and mentor new students and set academic goals for the upcoming year.  Middle school graduates must make a presentation highlighting their past year and accomplishments in school and their families.  It’s the beginning of a great year!

USD’s Research week utilizes ASF students as a satellite station

ASF students participated in USD’s Research week in Spring 2018 where they were challenged to create, shape, and deliver three-dimensional works of science and art. The Knapp Chair of Liberal Arts guest educators, Erik and Martin Demaine created paper challenges that required ASF students to “cut and glue items such as letters, fonts, shapes and more”. Their cross-disciplinary approach to solving problems is unique and the ASF students experienced the frustration and reward for reflecting on how folding paper applies to mathematical principles.

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Community Center Roots – Alfredo Maier

Alfredo Maier traveled from Germany to pay a visit to ASF and his friends at the Community Center in Colonia Tecolote. Many years ago Alfredo lived and worked at the Centro de Comunidad as the supervisor of German Jesuit volunteers who worked as teachers at the center. As a result of his generosity, the Centro was able to purchase the
building where the programs take place. The people of Tecolote and the students of ASF are most grateful to him.

Alfredo shared how gratifying it is to see the community center thriving and continue to provide educational opportunities to the hundreds of families in the neighborhood.

Family Support is an Important part of student success

Twice a year, ASF students invite their parents to an interactive workshop that they participate in together. Recently, Hector Meza and Karina Serrano from CVLCC discussed Cultural Ancestral Teachings and Human Values with the group.

The theme was authentic communication and the barriers that get in the way of expressing ourselves. One aspect of the workshop involved an activity where they reflected on the different masks they put on and how these masks impede or promote effective communication.


Jenn DePoy, board member and long time ASF volunteer, celebrated Posada in Tijuana by collecting over 70 backpacks filled with school supplies utilizing her own network of friends, colleagues and family. Jenn is a gift to our organization and we appreciate her efforts making a lasting impact on the ASF students!

Welcome new ASF students 2017!

All 11 new students are beginning middle schoolers in 7th grade.  Each year prospective new students and their parents attend an informational meeting where they complete a questionnaire , are interviewed and are then subject to a home study. The parameters,
expectations and obligations of the program are explained at this time.  Students are then selected based on economic need, academic records and special circumstances.

They are excited, shy and curious about what the new year holds in store for them.


Mathigami Rocks!

Mathigami curriculum under the direction of Dr. Perla Myers and volunteers from the University of San Diego, was showcased at the ASF meeting in May. Student team projects were created using a combination of Mathigami, traditional origami folds, the engineering design process and a boatload of creativity and imagination! The scenes depicted both traditional fables and original stories that entertained us all!